Marunao Craftsmanships

An elegant fusion of ancient tradition and cutting-edge technology.
A vision steeped in the finest traditions of ancient Japan...
The exquisite sensation of touch, the timeless craftmanship of
the ancient east...
Beginning our journey from that vision, we let not a single
errant detail escape in our obsessive quest for perfection.
An elegant fusion of old-world craftsmanship and cutting-
edge technology has created a tool -subtle and refined,
yet with a style all its own.
Not simply a utensil,but a treasured heirloom.

About Marunao

We were founded in 1939 in Sanjo city,Niigata
prefecture.Our company got its start engraving
temple ornaments for local shrines.We get our
name "MARUNAO"from the name of our
esteemed founder.Naoyoshi,and from the round
shape of the inkpots created by him.(The shape
of a circle is known as "maru"in Japanese.)
The beautiful,highly detailed temple ornaments of
our company's past have given way to the
precision tools and beautiful products we create
today.We continue down path set by our pioneers
ーsteeped in history and tradition,yet we never shy
away from trying new things and always seek to
draw out the full potential of our materials.

Marunao History

19071nd generation of Naoyoshi Fukuda Birth.
1934Sanjo-City Migration.
1965Establishment “Fukuda mokkouzyo”
1967New building
1983Renaming”Fukuda Co.,Ltd.” 2nd generation of Takeo Fukuda
1984Factory relocation was carried out in Minamiyokkamachi Sanjo City.
2001Business expansion
2002Tokyo gift show
20063nd generation of Takahiro Fukuda
2008Interior Lifestyle Tokyo
2009Renaming”Marunao Co.,Ltd.” Ambiente-Messe Frankfurt
2014Maison&Objet Paris, Maison&Objet Singapore, Milano Salone
2015New building