Are the chopsticks coated?

Our chopsticks do not use lacquers, paints, or additives of any sort.
Color, shape, and wood grain may vary slightly from the photograph.

Please provide details on materials

Materials are as below.

A strong, durable, water resistant wood cut from the Ebenacae family of tree, prized for it’s beauty and atrength.

Shitan, from the Fabacecae of plants, is prized for it’s resin. This is wood allows our products a dashing hint of red. Prized for it’s beauty and strength.

・Lignum Vitae
A member of the Zygophyllaceae family, native to South America, Lignum Vitae is said to be one of the hardest woods in the world and very difficult to work with.

A South-American broad-leafed tree primarily used in the creation of violins and premium fountain pens. This is one of the rarest and most highly-valued woods known to man.

・Rare ebony
Within the spectrum of ebony woods, there is one particular region that grows an ebony plant with a dramatic striped pattern. This ebony is prized above all others for its sheer beauty and balance.

Bocote, with its characteristic pattern of earthy yellows and deep greens, is a dense and hard wood of the Boraginaceae family, native to Central America.

A wood noted for its sheer strength and durability. Kumea was once used to build the ships and seafaring vessels of ancient Japan.

Native to Brazil, a member of the Leguminosae family. Orange in colour this wood is often used in making bows for the violin.

Native to South America, this purple wood is of the Leguminosae family.

With the lustrous sheen of its bright purple and black grain, this member of the Leguminosae family more than lives up to its name of ‘King of Woods’ .

・Artificial marble
Durable screws made with artificial marble from Du Pont™ CORIAN®, give our productgrace, and a feeling of warmth.

The beauty and feel of wood-grain with the added strength and resilience of thermoplastics – This is WPC.
WPC do not corrode and are highly resistant to rot and decay. The wood used in particular process is maple wood.

A laminate of layered linen and phenolic resin.

The chopsticks became whitish after some use.

Chopsticks are not coated, and will gradually lose their natural gloss. To restore sheen, rub chopsticks with olive oil.
We use a wide variety of materials, but there is a small possibility that our special tree resin may melt.

Are there anything one should be careful of when using the product?

Please be careful of below points.

-Do not use the purpose except eating and drinking.
-Do not place in dishwasher or dryer. Do not soak utensils for an extended period. The coating may wear off, and chopsticks may become bent out of shape.
-Use soft sponge with dishwashing detergent when washing. Rinse well, wipe moisture off, and dry it up before storing.
-To achieve a more pleasant touch to your mouth, we have made the chopsticks thinner. Therefore, please avoid bending which may break these items.
-Pay extra attention to avoid injury when using and washing the knife since its edge is extremely sharp. Do not put the knife in your mouth when eating.
-Pay extra attention to avoid injury when using and washing the knife since its edge is extremely sharp. Do not put the knife in your mouth when eating.
-Keep the knife away from children. In case if used by children, they should be under the supervision of guardian.

Can chopsticks or spoons be repaired?

Yes, they can be repaired.

– If the tip of a chopstick gets broken, the chopsticks can both be shortened and adjusted to the same length.
– When chopsticks lose their luster, they can be polished once again.
– If connecting parts or inlaying parts come off, the parts in question can be replaced.

– If a part breaks off, the chipped part can be pared down while maintaining the overall balance, and be given a new coating.
– If the surface coat comes off, the piece can be given a new coat.

※Repair cost will depend on the contents of breakage.
※We do not handle shipment of repaired pieces to outside of Japan.

Please provide details on how to arrange for a visit to the factory.

No reservation is needed for a factory visit. Please come over to our factory directly. However, for groups of more than ten persons, an application needs to be made in advance.