※The picture is 235 mm.

Premium model Eight-sided Chopsticks Granadillo 225mm

Product code: HSH003

Product details


Product details
Our craftsmen have created an easy-to-control chopstick with a design that affords each individual finger a firm grip. With it’s slender tips,even the most delicate or difficult to manipulate foods decome a simple affair to grip and enjoy.

Baguettes très faciles à utiliser grâce à la prise en main parfaite, due aux huit pans se terminant par des pointes finement taillées. Avec l’extrémité supérieure légèrement affinée et sa partie centrale finement galbée, vous ressentirez une agréable sensation dans votre main. Main material:GranadilloSize:225mm
They cannot be used with microwave/dishwasher/dish dryer.
※Since they are made of natural wood, forms/grains/shades can differ from picture images.
※Our company carries out maintenance works as well. Please see “repair works” for further details.