※The picture is 250 mm.

Eight-sided Chopsticks Gold Snakewood 235mm

Product code: HSNKK235

Product details


Product details
The symbol of Japanese culture: The chopstick. Our methods use traditional old-world craftsmanship and innovative design to bring you a utensil that radiates beauty throughout. The truly wonderful material known as “Snakewood” and our exquisitely designed chopsticks are a perfect match for each other. This pairing will truly stand the test of time.

En associant les techniques traditionnelles de fabrication au design innovant et moderne, le résultat obtenu saura vous charmer. Vous apprécierez la structure de ces baguettes en bois de snake-wood, connu sous le nom de « diamant de bois ». Taillées en huit pans pour une bonne préhension, elles vous accompagneront très longtemps.Main material:Snakewood 18carat goldSize:235mm
They cannot be used with microwave/dishwasher/dish dryer.
※Since they are made of natural wood, forms/grains/shades can differ from picture images.
※Our company carries out maintenance works as well. Please see “repair works” for further details.