Carry-along Hashi Set Granadillo

Product code: HYK002

Product details


Product details
They are shaped hexadecagonal except the handle and tip, so they will provide you with exquisite usability. The case is equipped with a magnet, and is designed to open and close smoothly. Store the disassembled chopsticks in the case and place it on the desk. This stylish tool makes people recognize your uncompromising policy. Bio liner included.

Les seize pans de la partie centrale de ces baguettes permettent une parfaite prise en main. L’aimant équipant cet étui rend son ouverture et sa fermeture très agréables. Superbe réalisation de très belle facture.Main material:GranadilloSize:Chopsticks : 235mm
When stored : W32xH155xD23
They cannot be used with microwave/dishwasher/dish dryer.
※Since they are made of natural wood, forms/grains/shades can differ from picture images.
※Our company carries out maintenance works as well. Please see “repair works” for further details.