Espresso Cup & Saucer Ebony

Product code: HYK013

Product details


Product details
This set of coffee cups that has made from ebony and rosewood give you an impression to sharp and strong, yet profound quality. Most of the processes are handmade. Only company like them, MARUNAO CO.,LTD. that knows about nature of wood could then produce these ultimate coffee cup and saucer, and have a coffee time that make you rich life.

La veinure d’Ebène donne, à cette tasse Expresso avec sa sous-tasse, une beauté exceptionnelle. Le savoir-faire unique de MARUNAO.Main material:EbonySize:Espresso cup W75×H55×D58mm
Saucer W120×H12×D85mm
capacity : 40cc
They cannot be used with microwave/dishwasher/dish dryer.
※Since they are made of natural wood, forms/grains/shades can differ from picture images.
※Our company carries out maintenance works as well. Please see “repair works” for further details.